Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inspired by...Waterfall Castle, Poland

The Destination:
Waterfall Castle in Poland has got to be the epitome of the fairly-tale, dream-life castle. Look at it, I can just see days of letting my hair cascade down my window waiting for a prince while a slew of dwarfs and woodland creatures are busy doing housework...but as always I'm getting away from the point. The point is creating a space worthy of a princess and not an over-done bubblegum interpretation of what a princess's room should be but a space with refinement and the perfect amount of pink. I love the scale of this castle, it isn't over the top with it's detailing which allows the waterfall and other natural elements to blend seamlessly into the architecture. Creating that balance in my inspiration board below was my main focus for this design. 

The Inspiration:
 I didn't want to choose pieces that were too child-like, I wanted the room to have a whimsical feel with girly elements but nothing over the top. The Rosebud rug is a great base for the room, paired with more textured linens on the bed creates depth throughout the space. A Crystal Birdcage chandelier has the perfect woodland princess aesthetic and pairs beautifully with the Vine Carved mirror and the Rabbit art work. The Mini Versailles chair in a Flax linen is the ultimate throne and the weathered oak is repeated in the dresser creating continuity. Finally the Voyager Steamer trunk adds a worldly element to the room hinting at a life of far places, daring sword fights and a prince in disguise which is what every girl needs, right?

Keep wondering about wandering! xoxo

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  1. Beautifully executed! So refreshing to see a princess inspired room that is not pink and purple and sparkly. Very tasteful! XoXo